About Faith in Business Quarterly

The Journal of Faith in Business and the Industrial Christian Fellowship (ICF)

was based at Ridley Hall in Cambridge since 1989. From August 2018, after Richard Higginson's retirement from the staff there, it ceased to have a formal link with Ridley. But Faith in Business continues in the form of an independent Foundation CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation). The Cambridge spring weekend conference for businesspeople continues, but is now being held at Westminster College, organised by Peter Heslam.

The Industrial Christian Fellowship is a membership organisation which supports Christians at their work. The organisation was made popular in the 1920s through the work of Geoffrey Studdert-Kennedy- "Woodbine Willie" of WW1 fame - who was ICF's messenger during that turbulent era. Work may have changed beyond recognition since those days, and has been replaced by a wide variety of enterprises driven by technology and services, but the ongoing need to recognise God's continuing presence at work remains.

Faith in Business Quarterly aims to:

  • Help readers discover a fuller sense of God's purpose and hope in their working lives, integrating their faith, their work and their worship
  • Highlight the necessity and value of wealth creation within God's creative and redemptive purposes, while bringing the processes of wealth creation under careful scrutiny
  • Encourage individuals to apply Christian values in their work, and help them to resolve the moral dilemmas they often face
  • Persuade the leaders of industry, commerce, finance and public services to operate within the framework of Christian principles and values
  • Assist church leaders in understanding key issues in the changing economic environment, so that where challenge is called for it is based on an informed and up-to-date appraisal
  • Urge the churches to support people in their daily work and to declare the value of all honest work in generating wealth for the common good.


Richard Higginson

Management Team
Peter Heslam
Rob Allin
Steve Apted
David Ball
John Bloomer
Ken Dickson
Stephen Doel
Michelle Wilkins


The Most Reverend and Rt Hon
The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury

Revd Phil Jump (Chairman)
Dr Andrew Bradstock
Dave Law
Revd Dr John Weaver